Green Team

The Green Team believes that as Christians we are called to be stewards of God’s Creation. We seek to help our congregation fulfill this responsibility corporately and individually. We continually seek ways in which we may lessen our impact on this planet we call home. Reducing use of disposable items, re-using kitchen vegetable scraps as compost for our garden, and recycling both traditional and unusual items are all important aspects of our environmental ministry. 

Re-Use and Recycle Directories

The Albany-Area Reuse Directory, developed and published by the Green Team, offers locations in our community where gently used items may be taken for re-use by someone else Revised 12/30/2017.

For those unusual recyclable items not covered in the ReUse directory, check out the updated 2017  Albany-Corvallis Unusual Recyclables directory.

For more information on Republic Services’ recycling program, click here.

Annually, The Green Team plans and leads a service of worship near Earth Day to celebrate the Festival of God’s Creation.

Persons interested in learning more about the Green Team are invited to contact the church office.